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Extra empty spaces at bottom of UITableView (With Video)

Hi every one, i was building a messaging app, the structure of UI is relative simple, like:


I was using Xamarin.IQKeyboardManager <- (sorry i can't post links) to push up the keyboard. The library is cool, smoothly push up the keyboard with animation. However, I've observing the follow outcomes:

http s:// <- sorry i can't post links

As you can see, the looking of the UI is just fine after pushing the keyboard, pushing the whole UI upward. However seems like the "bottom" of the listview is wrong. I can swipe the ListView on the "Extra space". When I make a size change on the editor the ListView back to normal. I've extended the control so that it will expand when needed.

I don't think it's related to the extended control. I've replaced <myExtendedEditor> with <Editor>, same result.
However when I change it to <Entry>, no extra space at the bottom!

I had no idea on what's going on :\ Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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