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"An unexpected error has occurred with . The operation couldn't be completed...

NovellpfddiNovellpfddi USMember ✭✭
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After resolving the "entitlements" problems I was having with "In-House" provisioning profiles, now I have encountered an IPA loading problem with Apple 2 Configurator. The complete error is: "An unexpected error has occurred with . The operation couldn't be completed. Undefined error: 0 [NSPOSIXErrorDomain - 0x0 (0)]. I get this error when I try and load one of the newly compiled apps that have the "In_House" provisioning profile with a new application id with the WiFi entitlements enabled. Strange, but 1 of the 3 IPAs will load and the other 2 cause this error. And it doesn't do it on all iPads. The research I have found relates more to OS X than iOS, so if anyone has had this same problem and fixed it, please let me know. I can compile all 3 apps directly from VS to my iPad. I can also load them all on my iPad, but at our other office, I have run into only being able to load one. They all have different app ids and provisioning profiles. Both macs being use have 10.13.6 and Apple Configurator 2.7.1. I have looked at the device logs and there is nothing in them that shows this error has occurred.


  • LandLuLandLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Do you mean these two apps can only be deployed on a real device on your Mac? Each certification has a public key(stored on the Apple's website) and private key(stored in its owner's computer). The Mac should both contain public key and private key, then it can run the particular app on the real device.
    Maybe this provisioning profile and the corresponding certification are created on your Mac and other people's Mac doesn't have authentication. You should export your certificaiton's p12 file which can be found in your Mac's keychain. Then share it to your colleagues' Mac.

  • NovellpfddiNovellpfddi USMember ✭✭

    Thanks for your response. Remember that the profiles are "Enterprise" profiles which once compiled can be used to load the app onto any supported iOS device. I can create the apps with the enterprise profiles and the corresponding IPAs and then load them onto any iOS device using Apple Configurator 2. What is very strange is that from my development mac, I can load and run directly from the mac to the iOS device and also load the IPA using the configurator with no problems. On another mac, Apple Configurator 2 is loaded and has been used to add the IPAs to test iOS devices successfully for a number of years without a problem. Now, that same mac running the configurator seems to be able to load one or two IPAs, but then throws the error above on others, where I have no problem on my mac at all. This has only happened since iOS 12 update. All the apps are using the same enterprise provisioning profile.

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