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How do I (WiFi) debug USB device connections?

Hi all! I'm developing a Xamarin.Android app for work (on a PL-40L PDA running Android 7.0 (https, and we need to connect to an Arduino Due. We've settled on having the Due act as USB Host (Arduino-er) (http, because we want to charge the PDA, and when I ran the Arduino sketch and the Android app, I got communication to occur. However, while attempting to debug my attempt using WiFi (https, every time I connect or disconnect the Arduino via USB, debugging in Visual Studio disconnects. I've searched, and the closest I've gotten to a similar issue is unresolved (Stack Overflow) (https In any case, all this is incidental to hooking into the USB accessory attached broadcast (Android.Hardware.Usb.UsbManager.ActionUsbAccessoryAttached). So:

  • Can anyone help with keeping WiFi debugging going when connecting a USB device?
  • Alternatively, does anyone know how to reconnect debugging to an Android device when it disconnects like this?
  • Any tips for getting USB attached hooks working? (I'm happy to ask another question for this one)

Your help is GREATLY appreciated.



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