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When I added a Mac to the Pair to Mac dialog in VS 2017 I inadvertently entered the wrong name and IP address. How do I remove it? The Forget this Mac option is disabled. Based on another question posted in this forum I deleted the MacAgent entries from the registry. Searched the registry for the computer name. Also, tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Xamarin tools from VS. Still shows.



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    Right-clicking any Mac in the Pair to Mac list brings up a context menu that allows you to Connect...,Forget this Mac, or Disconnect:

    If you choose Forget this Mac, your credentials for the selected Mac will be forgotten. To reconnect to that Mac, you will need to re-enter your username and password.

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    The Forget this Mac option is disabled. I can't select it. Not sure why this would be the case, except that I never connected to it. The Mac entry I connect to has this option enabled.

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    Hi @ccshine,

    Could you share your IDE logs please? You can get these by going to Help > Xamarin > Zip Logs. Feel free to email me at [email protected] with those.

    I'm having the team look into this. There are alternatives as mentioned in @ColeX's reply, but I'd like to fix the root cause of the problem. Having to clear out registry keys is pretty nasty.

    Pierce Boggan

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    Try to Clear the Broker, IDB, Build, and Designer Agents on the Mac.

    I mistyped the cryptic Mac name by 1 letter and the IP address provided to me was wrong. That computer name doesn't exist on our domain. And if the IP does, I can pretty much guarantee it is not a Mac since we're almost exclusively a PC company. The IP/name combo is completely mismatched and invalid. There is nothing to clear on it.

    I did run the Windows command to clear the cache from the linked article, but it still shows up. I've noticed the wrong entry sometimes doesn't display until I choose to connect to the valid Mac. Not sure if that's helpful.

    It'd be great if the GUI provided a way to edit these entries and/or delete them.

    Emailing the log files...

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