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Is dynamically loading non-referenced DLL's allowed on iOS and Android?

zintjrzintjr Member ✭✭
edited October 2018 in General

Currently with our WinForms app we ship about 100+ vendor DLL's . These DLL's are not referenced by the WF app instead on app start we loop thru the folder where the DLL's reside and using reflection we examine each class type for a custom attribute and store off that type and some other info for a later point in time where the type's assembly will be dynamically loaded.

Is it permissible to carry out similar logic on iOS and Android? My initial hunch says no as I seem to remember reading somewhere that Apple does not allow you to ship un-referenced DLL's and load them dynamically on iOS but I don't know this for sure. Does anyone know whether or not this is allowed on iOS and Android? Thanks!

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