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Xamarin and .Net Standard

DiogoVieiraDiogoVieira USMember ✭✭

Hello everyone, I'm a .Net developer and I'm looking forward to starting in Xamarin. But I have some doubts, see below:

1 - We are trying to reuse the domain of our web application in a mobile application, would xamarin be the right one? (The mobile application needs to work offline)

2 - What is the best dependency injection framework to use in xamarin? (our application currently uses simpleInjector)

3 - What is the best ORM to use in xamarin. (We are currently using EF6.) We are thinking of using EF Core because it is not yet accepting the mapping of many to many)

4 - Do we want to use the application's views in the mobile project, does xamarin work with DataAnnotation for validations?

5 - Are automapper and log4net available for xamarin?

6 - We would like to use Shared Project to share the code between IOS, Android and UWP applications, would it be the right one?

In this type of project I can access the domain, infra and application dlls through a dependency injection framework?

Diogo Vieira


  • SebastianSeidel.9226SebastianSeidel.9226 DEInsider, University ✭✭✭✭

    1) If it is written with .NET, yes you can reuse it. It also depence on the dependencies your code has to other frameworks.

    2) If worked with Unity and others too. It is hard to say which one is the best. It varies one your taste.

    3) I have heard that EF.Core should work. But I think the de-facto-standard is sqlite-net-pcl with the extensions from TwinCoders.

    4) This should work.

    5) I am not sure, maybe some one else can say something about that.

    6) SharedProjects are one solution but I would recommend to use .net-Standard library.

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