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Implemetation options for Android services handling requests, polling data and sending data

I need to create a Service app,


1 a request handler accepts request when it is sent from the other in house apps installed on the same device, saves the data to SQLite,

2 another service, message sender within the service app, polls the SQLite once every 5 secs (configurable) for data and send it to server side.

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I want to find out if the option below is the best option, and look for alternatives otherwise. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Implementation Options

1 AIDL is used for communicating between the request handler within Service app and other in-house apps

The reason of using AIDL is

A.It allows multi-threading and accept requests from multiple apps.

B.It might provide better performance

Is there a better option?

2 The request handler

Since it is using AIDL, am I correct that it will be only invoked when request arrives

3 Message sender

What is best option for implementing this?

Option 1: Use Task in C# or Thread in Java to run it in the background

Other options from Android?

4 Service app

A Should the Service app be in a separate APK?

B How to launch Service app without Activity when Android OS starts?

C Should Service app be ran as background service or foreground. It might has problem running as background in Android 8?

OS: Lollipop, Xamarin Android

Thanks in advance.


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