sqlite add sync data

i got values at sqlite and i just want to add new sync values like

xml file vals;
a 1
b 2
c 3

saves sqlite db

and a new values add to xml

a 1
b 2
c 3
d 4

hows that possible to add only d4 ? update or insert?


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    @haluk‌ - You have to use INSERT Statement.

    Update - The UPDATE statement is used to update existing records in a table.

    Insert - The INSERT INTO statement is used to insert new records in a table.

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      var data = from x in doc.Descendants("item") select new  {
                      Personel = x.Element("Personel").Value,
                      Sube = x.Element("Sube").Value,
                      VerilenTarih = x.Element("VerilenTarih").Value,
                      GorevVeren = x.Element("GorevVeren").Value,
                      Gorev = x.Element("Gorev").Value,
                      GorevMesaj = x.Element("GorevMesaj").Value,
                      Rapor = x.Element("Rapor").Value,
                      RaporTarihi = x.Element("RaporTarihi").Value,
                      Gonderme = x.Element("Gonderme").Value,
                      EmirVeren = x.Element("EmirVeren").Value,
                      Emir = x.Element("Emir").Value,
                      EmirMesaj= x.Element("EmirMesaj").Value,
                      Goruldu= x.Element("Goruldu").Value,
                Tarih= x.Element("Tarih").Value,
                ImgUrl = x.Element("Img").Value
                   foreach (var p in data)
                      sqlCom.CommandText =  "INSERT INTO PERSONEL (Personel, Sube, VerilenTarih, GorevVeren , GorevBaslik , GorevIcerik , Rapor, RaporTarihi, Gonderme,  EmirVeren , EmirBaslik , EmirIcerik , Goruldu  , Tarih ,ImgUrl) VALUES (@pers,@sube,@vtarih,@gveren,@gbaslik,@gicerik,@rapor,@raportarihi,@gonder,@everen,@ebaslik,@eicerik,@goruldu,@tarih,@imgurl)";
                      sqlCom.Parameters.Add (new SqliteParameter ("@pers", p.Personel));
                      sqlCom.Parameters.Add (new SqliteParameter ("@sube", p.Sube));
                      sqlCom.Parameters.Add  (new SqliteParameter("@vtarih", p.VerilenTarih));
                      sqlCom.Parameters.Add (new SqliteParameter ("@tarih", p.Tarih));
                      sqlCom.Parameters.Add (new SqliteParameter ("@everen", p.EmirVeren));
                      sqlCom.Parameters.Add (new SqliteParameter ("@ebaslik", p.Emir));
                      sqlCom.Parameters.Add (new SqliteParameter ("@eicerik", p.EmirMesaj));
                      sqlCom.Parameters.Add (new SqliteParameter ("@gveren", p.GorevVeren));
                      sqlCom.Parameters.Add (new SqliteParameter ("@gbaslik", p.Gorev));
                      sqlCom.Parameters.Add (new SqliteParameter ("@gicerik", p.GorevMesaj));
                      sqlCom.Parameters.Add(new SqliteParameter("@rapor", p.Rapor));
                      sqlCom.Parameters.Add(new SqliteParameter("@raportarihi", p.RaporTarihi));
                      sqlCom.Parameters.Add(new SqliteParameter("@imgurl", p.ImgUrl));
                      sqlCom.Parameters.Add(new SqliteParameter("@gonder", p.Gonderme));
                      if(p.Goruldu == "True")
                         sqlCom.Parameters.Add (new SqliteParameter ("@goruldu", true));
                         sqlCom.Parameters.Add (new SqliteParameter ("@goruldu", false));
                      sqlCom.ExecuteNonQuery ();

    this is insert

    but when i do this, adds every row aagain and again

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    IF you use insert it obviously will insert and not update an allready existing row in you table. If you want to update an allready existing row you use update.

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