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Cannot use double clicks for event handling?

Hello, I used iOS designer for developed. I have some issues about event handling. I saw the Evolve 2013 video, inside iOS designer the user can double clicks at button for auto adding event handing code section like Visual Studio. But in my term, it doesn't show like that when I double clicks at button. I still have to add event by type the action name in event touch up inside and coding by myself. How do I do? :(


  • AlexCorradoAlexCorrado USXamarin Team Xamurai

    In order for the event handler to be added, the view controller containing the button must be a custom class (otherwise there is no codebehind for the event handler to be added to). You can check this by selecting the view controller by clicking on the dark scene dock at the bottom and looking at the "Class" property at the top of the property panel. If you enter a new value there, the designer will automatically generate a codebehind for you, and double clicking the button should do what you expect.

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