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MT.Dialog FloatElement is not responsive on iOS7 only

JotharryDevelopmentJotharryDevelopment USMember ✭✭
edited February 2014 in Xamarin.iOS

I've just noticed this since I upgraded to iOS7 on my phone. Someone else has experienced the problem too (it's not just me imagining it :)) and posted on Stack Overflow

Unfortunately no-one has replied yet.

Anyone got any workarounds/solutions for this?



  • Ok, I've got a solution (of sorts). I created my own FloatElement and used my own slider inside it. I borrowed a tip from here

    to come up with this, which works, but does feel a bit hacky. Not sure why the behaviour has changed in iOS7 though.

    public class Slidy : UISlider
        private static int THUMB_SIZE = 10;
        private static int EFFECTIVE_THUMB_SIZE = 20;
        public Slidy(RectangleF r)
            : base(r)
        public override bool PointInside(PointF point, UIEvent uievent)
            var bounds = this.Bounds;
            bounds = RectangleF.Inflate(bounds, 25, 25);
            return bounds.Contains(point);
        public override bool BeginTracking(UITouch touch, UIEvent uievent)
            var bounds = this.Bounds;
            float thumbPercent = (this.Value - this.MinValue) / (this.MaxValue - this.MinValue);
            float thumbPos = THUMB_SIZE + (thumbPercent * (bounds.Size.Width - (2 * THUMB_SIZE)));
            var touchPoint = touch.LocationInView(this);
            return (touchPoint.X >= (thumbPos - EFFECTIVE_THUMB_SIZE) &&
            touchPoint.X <= (thumbPos + EFFECTIVE_THUMB_SIZE));
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