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Xamarin how to manually set ContentView StackLayout size

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I have a problem with my ContentView. I want to manually define the size of the ContentView (elements are in a StackLayout).

Here is the XAML StackLayout definition :


    <StackLayout BackgroundColor="White" Spacing="10" VerticalOptions="Fill" Padding="15,15,15,15">
                <local:Converter x:Key="BoolToImageConverter"/>

        <!-- Titre de la view et sous-titre en cas d'erreur lors de la recherche des Moxa -->
        <Label HorizontalTextAlignment="Center" VerticalTextAlignment="End" FontAttributes="Bold" FontSize="18" Text="XCOM-RS232i Found" />
        <Label HorizontalTextAlignment="Center" FontSize="14" TextColor="Red" Text="{Binding FoundInfo}" />


I want the ContentView to be bigger.

Can anyone help me ?

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