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UWP build looking in wrong folder for dll

CaseCase USMember ✭✭✭

I'm building several class libraries to use in my Xamarin.Forms UWP and WPF applications.

The library I'm having issues with is Asap.SqlliteDatabase and uses the sql-net-pcl nuget.

Everything compiles and runs fine (tested via another app).

The issue I'm having is when building the UWP app.

All the dlls are in


But when compiling the UWP app, I get

error APPX0702: Payload file 'Path_To_My_Project\Asap.SqlliteDatabase\bin\x86\Debug\uap10.0.16299\Asap.SqlliteDatabase\e_sqlite3.dll' does not exist.

You can see it's looking in the wrong place.

If I manually create a folder "Asap.SqlliteDatabase" and copy the e_sqlite3.dll into it, then the UWP app builds fine.

Is there any other way to fix this? It's annoying to have to manually copy that file every time I clean or delete the bin/obj folders

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