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SkiaSharp touch event blocking Xamarin.Forms clicks

I have SkiaSharp overlayed overtop Xamarin.Forms with a full-screen AbsoluteLayout.

    <AbsoluteLayout AbsoluteLayout.LayoutBounds="0,0,1,1" AbsoluteLayout.LayoutFlags="All" VerticalOptions="FillAndExpand" HorizontalOptions="FillAndExpand">
        <StackLayout AbsoluteLayout.LayoutBounds="0,0,1,1" AbsoluteLayout.LayoutFlags="All" Spacing="0">
            <Button Text="Click Me" Clicked="btnClicked" />
        <skia:SKCanvasView x:Name="canvasView" 
                           AbsoluteLayout.LayoutBounds="0,0,1,1" AbsoluteLayout.LayoutFlags="All"
                           Touch="canvasView_Touch" EnableTouchEvents="True" />

Here is my code-behind:

private void btnClicked(object sender, EventArgs e) {
    //Do something

private void canvasView_Touch(object sender, SKTouchEventArgs e) {
    if (e.ActionType == SKTouchAction.Released) {
        //Do something
    e.Handled = true;

I have e.Handled = true because that gets me e.ActionType == SKTouchAction.Released and others, which I need, but it prevents the Xamarin.Forms button from being clicked, which I also need. If I comment that line out, Xamarin.Forms buttons work again, but all I get are SKTouchAction.Pressed. How can I get both the rich touch actions SkiaSharp offers while also passing the touch events through to Xamarin.Forms? Flipping the order in AbsoluteLayout (putting SkiaSharp behind Xamarin.Forms) doesn't help. Thanks!

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