Not getting logs in firebase crashlytics

I have done the following steps

  1. Added the following crashlytics packages from nuget: crashlytics, crashlytics.core, crashlytics.answers, crashlytics.beta ,
  2. Linked app with fabric by copying the API key provided into manisfest.xml and added
  3. Initiated fabric as follows:Fabric.Fabric.With(this, new Crashlytics.Crashlytics());
  4. Rebuild the app and done a test crash
    Still not getting any logs in crashlytics.

While logging into the app is not shown in my account.No idea with what I am missing. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance


  • guilloagguilloag Member ✭✭
    edited December 3

    Several months after you found your problem, I'm having exactly the same issue.
    Have you found a solution for this?
    I'm following the exact same steps as stated on the project page with no result.
    It is expected, though. Xamarin breaks apart every time I add the tiniest of the changes...

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