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Profiler Hangs on Detecting cycles

nefgrixisnefgrixis Member ✭✭
edited September 2018 in Visual Studio

Is it normal for the profiler to get stuck on "Detecting cylces. Please wait..."? The spinner is spinning and I can still view the other options, but it does not tell me that it hasn't found any cycles or anything. It got stuck on this after I tried filtering out just my app name. Hope this helps the team a bit.

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  • nefgrixisnefgrixis Member ✭✭

    This is what I see before the filter

  • nefgrixisnefgrixis Member ✭✭

    And this is what i see after I try to filter the cycles. Maybe because there aren't any cycles with that class name. It's just a bit misleading and looks like it's hanging.

  • nefgrixisnefgrixis Member ✭✭

    Awesome. Thank you for your work!!

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