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I am doing Xamarin.Forms app with deep linking but when I click on certain url link
method in PCL project in App.xaml.cs named: protected override void OnAppLinkRequestReceived(Uri uri) is never called.
So the link is opening with a browser.

So I started to make a workaround with custom implementation on Android and iOS project, and everything works fine on Android but on iOS it does not work.
Can someone see did I miss something?

Link is always opened with a browser.
On Android it is working fine but on iOS it does not.
Here are two pictures from AppDelegate.cs and Info.plist, did I miss something?
Breakpoint is also never hit.
When I click on url https://strukturnifondovi.hr in contacts app in iPhone simulator it always open a browser.


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    According to this official documentation we know that:

    You cannot claim support for some well-known URL schemes, including http, https, mailto, tel, sms, facetime, and facetime-audio. The system directs well-known types of URLs to the corresponding system apps and well-known http–based URLs to specific apps, such as Maps, YouTube, and Music. For information about the schemes supported by Apple, see Apple URL Scheme Reference.

    You should define your own app's special URL Schemes instead of https or http, otherwise system will open this url with the default browser.
    Your url scheme could be like this:

    And you can redirect to your app with this: strukturnifondovi://strukturnifondovi.hr?id=1.

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