InitializeComponent(); Error

Hi I need some help here, when I Init() my app I have this Exception,,

"System.InvalidProgramException has been thrown
Method AppMyTravelGuide.MainPage:InitializeComponent () is too complex."


  • Hi @legario , have you updated your Xamarin.Forms package?
    Try unistaaling the Xamarin.Forms package and reinstaaling for all your solution project

  • legariolegario Member ✭✭

    Hola @LuisDavidDelaCruz , I did that and still not working, maybe my code its to heavy for the TabbedPage,, when I init() the app is very slow (20seconds...)
    Im using a tabbed Page with four children and many pictures for page (44KB size each ) , all the pictures have descriptions and two bottoms, one shows more pictures and one for geolocation,..
    at the beginning was working okey but more and more code it was getting slow starting, and after the last code the app its complete crash!!!
    So I will start again with out a tabbed page, one page to start with four buttons to access to the other tree pages . with that the init () should be more light and faster ...?¿?¿ I hope ...
    If you have any good idea ...are welcome!!!

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