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  • DeanChalk.1376DeanChalk.1376 GBMember, University

    Hi, my name is Dean and I'm a WPF contract developer specialising in high-performance, low-latency XAML trading apps for front-office traders in the major UK investment banks.
    I've kinda reached the limit of what I can do with my current skill-set, so am looking for new challenges. Have successfully built several WinRT and Windows Phone apps. in my spare time Have dabbled in Android and IOS.
    My goal is to master Xamarin, master all the main mobile platrorms, network with other Xamarin people, and maximise on any opportunities that may come my way as a result

  • DeanChalk.1376DeanChalk.1376 GBMember, University
    edited December 2014

    oh, and my linkedin profile is here uk.linkedin.com/in/deanchalk/ - please send me a connection request :)

  • Mitch.3450Mitch.3450 USMember, University

    Hi all,

    My name is Mitch Duncan. I live in Phoenix, AZ. I'm very excited to learn Xamarin and mobile development.

  • MitchMuensterMitchMuenster USInsider, University ✭✭

    Hey there,

    As my Username states, my name is Mitch Muenster. I am from Madison WI, and I am here to get my certification and keep up to date with the latest updates to Xamarin, as well as take advantage of the Guest Lectures (also to see how things will change with 2015 going live in 16 days from this post and Windows 10 25 days from this post being made. I currently work as a mobile developer picking up whatever jobs I can that utilize Xamarin.

    I also have been inspired by the work that Current Xamarin MVP's have done and hope to follow in their examples (hopefully to one day get nominated to be a Xamarin MVP myself). That being said, I currently am going around to user groups & meetups giving talks on Xamarin and am working a demo Xamarin app out on GitHub that contains things I was not able to find much discussion on how to do.

    you can find it here

    Feel free to connect with me
    Twitter: MobileRez
    Linked in Profile Mitch Muenster

  • ChrisSwainChrisSwain USMember, University ✭✭

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Chris Swain and I live in Phoenix, AZ. I just finished the Xamarin Certification coursework and completed the Certification Exam yesterday, so I'm officially a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer! I'm new to mobile development and eager to put my new found skills to work. So if you know if any Xamarin development opportunities either in the Phoenix area or remote, please let me know.

    Also, I have put together a blog series covering all of the required courses for certification. I personally used it as a study guide for the exam and found it very helpful. You can check it out at soalarityllc.com/blog.

    Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, too at Chris Swain.
    And my Twitter handle is ChrisSwain.

  • IvanGBIvanGB BRMember, University

    Hi all.

    Has anyone here worked with IBM/360 systems and punched 80 column cards with Assembly and FORTRAN code? Yep, 35 years later here I am trying to get this mobile thing into my head.
    Currently we produce .NET winforms/webforms applications and have some hybrid apps wrapped with Phonegap. And that is not all of it, I prefer VB.NET. There, I said it.
    So please, bear with this Brazilian and feel free to mock me on my silly questions every now and then.



  • vlacatoccvlacatocc BEUniversity
    edited April 2017

    Hello everyone! I though I'd post a short biography but it turned out somewhat longer than expected... Anyway, here goes:

    My name is Tom De Bruyn and I was born in Belgium in 1981. I have a Belgian father and a French mother with Catalan origins. My parents raised me and my 2 younger brothers (1983 and 1987) in Dutch and French which gave us a nice advantage in bilingual Belgium. The family by my mother's side still lives in southern France in the Carcassonne region.

    In 2003 I obtained my Master's degree in Geography. Over the following years I specialized in Earth Observation and got my teacher's certificate. The next couple of years I tried my hands at teaching (high school) and mixed that in with some fixed time projects related to GIS (geographical information systems). In 2007 I started a 3-year graduate IT programme to become a developer. My professional programming career began during the first year of the IT programme in 2008 where I got enrolled in ASP.NET web development with C#. The main focus of the company were short-life web applications that offer a UI for SMS campaigns.

    In 2010 I joined with Invenso/Convenso which is a small company that developed its own programming environment (XBintegrator) with a custom XML-based programming language: XBscript. As a nearly undocumented platform and programming language, the challenges to find elegant solutions were sometimes very interesting, but always extremely rewarding. XBintegrator was put in the market partly as a way to help AS/400 systems communicate with external entities (databases, web services, file systems, ...). But it was most often used as a document-generation platform with templates made in MS Word and enriched with tags found in an XSD schema. Via custom scripting an XML (with data originating from varying data sources) was then coupled with the template and the output could for example be sent by mail as a PDF file.

    Another successful Convenso project was an application that served as backend for payed city parking controlled via SMS messages. The application was completely written in XBscript (which, when used well, is a rich object-oriented language allowing for many complex design patterns) and had to handle incoming SMS messages by parsing their contents, calculating allowed parking time and fees, sending responses and reminders, etc. Secondly that same XBscript backend was used as controller and data layer for an ASP.NET front-end both as a public website for users and as an administration app for the company.

    From 2013 on, the company realized there was a big market for integrated document generation solutions in several systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM or embedded in other similar systems. A new product was born, named "XperiDo" and my biggest contribution to XperiDo was the integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This was achieved by creating an ASP.NET web application that could be triggered by actions added to CRM through a CRM solution. The application was completely embedded in CRM and served for defining and managing datasets and templates and for configuration and generation of documents designed in MS Word with XperiDo intelligence, coupled with data from CRM.

    In the meantime, XBintegrator was still being actively promoted and a lot of legacy applications still existed at several companies mainly in Belgium and in the Netherlands. Designing, developing and maintaining those kinds of XBintegrator projects has been my main occupation up until today. Since January 2015 however, I've been working as a freelancer. Amongst other projects, I'm still regularly working for Invenso/Convenso clients for both new and existing XBintegrator projects.

    From a personal viewpoint, I met my wife Nathalie in 2009 and we got married in 2011. She's a pharmacist and in 2010 she purchased her first pharmacy in the city of Ghent. In 2013 the pharmacy was relocated to Hulshout, a small village in the Antwerp province. Hulshout has become our new home. In the mean time we purchased a second pharmacy together and managing both pharmacies is now part of my daily routine (at the moment we have 4 employees on our payroll). In 2014 I obtained a degree as a pharmaceutical technical assistant which allows me to take part in the floor activities of the pharmacy whenever required. Nathalie and I have 2 children; a boy Brent born in 2012 and a girl Lentl born in 2013.

    Concerning personal projects, I've been working on a Drupal based web shop for the pharmacy and recently I began a new mobile project (with Xamarin) to help our patients communicate with the pharmacy through a specialized app. Both the web shop and the app are a work in progress. Another passion of mine is 3D architectural modelling with SketchUp. Since I've known my wife, we've had several construction plans, some of which we've managed to realize. Our next big project will be a 3-story modern house of 25m wide and 30m deep with interior and exterior wellness.

    By working with the Xamarin platform for this personal pharmacy project I've become very passionate about what it has to offer. The possibility to create native mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows with a shared codebase and all that in C# with Visual Studio was the main reason for me to dig deeper into this topic. My next objective is to become a Xamarin expert and to support companies who see the benefits Xamarin has to offer. As a consequence I've recently begun my training at the Xamarin University. And in the mean time I'll keep offering my support to XBintegrator whenever one of Invenso's legacy clients calls out for assistance.

    For those wondering where my username "vlacatocc" comes from. It is actually just a concatenation of the 3 first letters of my grandparents’ regions of origin. "VLA" stands for "Vlaanderen" (Flanders); "CAT" stands for "Catalunya" (Catalonia); and "OCC" stands for "Occitània" (Occitania).

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