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Having created my app in Android Studio, can I deploy the next version of the app using a Xamarin?

Let's say I created my android app using Android Studio in Java. On version 2, I want to use Xamarin using C# (either Native or Forms). Is it possible to do that? Practically that is a lot of rewriting but my current situation is I can only use Android Studio but not Xamarin. I am thinking if I need to wait until I can use Xamarin or just create the first version of my app in Android Studio?


  • FaizalSaidaliFaizalSaidali USMember ✭✭✭

    Hi @jnsprogrammer , You can reuse the drawable folder(designs and assets) the same as the android studio. But you should change your java codes and plugins into Xamarin.Android project.

    I have also faced the similar problem, But I can resolve it by expected struggle. Most of the Java Android codes and Xamarin.Android codes are similar.

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