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Can't open storyboard - Error updating XCode Project. Could not generate class?

DerekdeOliveiraDerekdeOliveira USMember
edited February 2014 in Visual Studio

Hey all

Not sure what happened to my project but I'm all of a sudden unable to open the storyboard associated with my project from Xamarin. The error I'm seeing is: "Error updating Xcode project. Could not generate class 'WoundApp.AppDelegate' as its base type 'MonoTouch.UIKit.UIApplicationDelegate' could not be resolved to Objective-C. Hint: Try adding [Register ("UIApplicationDelegate")] to the class definition for MonoTouch.UIKit.UIApplicationDelegate".

Any ideas whats giong on or what could have happened? Running Xamarin v4.2.3 (54) and XCode 5.0.2.



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