Properties of BindingContext are not set on Xamarin.Forms project


I am trying to set BindingContext of my ContentPage.

As an example I tried Hanselman.Forms project on Github and when I debugged the MenuPage.xaml.cs, BindingContext is successfully set with the following lines :

BindingContext = new BaseViewModel
Title= "Hanselman.Forms",
Icon = "slideout.png")

As seen here:

In this example BaseViewModel is a class contained in Refactored.MvvmHelpers project on Github.

But when I try the same thing on my project BindingContext properties are not set. As seen here:

Also when I look at BindingContext of Hanselman.Forms project via a watch, I can see public properties. As you can see here:

But when I try to look at BindingContext in my project with a watch this is what I see

I don't know what could be causing this strange behaviour.

As extra info:

Both solutions' core projects are .NET Standard Library v2.0.
Both solutions' Xamarin.Forms Nuget packages are the latest version.

Thanks in advance.

Note: I had to strip my image links from https to avoid "You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links." error. Sorry for bad format.


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