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Android 9 cookies read issue


I just got a strange issue from Android 9. 1 times on 3, only after the installation, the cookies can't be read.

public override void OnPageFinished(Android.Webkit.WebView view, string url)
        Dictionary<string, string> cookiePair = new Dictionary<string, string>();
        string cookieHeader = CookieManager.Instance.GetCookie(url);
        if (cookieHeader != null)
            foreach (string cookieValue in cookieHeader.Split(';'))
                string[] cookie = cookieValue.Split('=');
                cookiePair.Add(cookie[0].Trim(), cookie[1].Trim());

        //Sauvegarde les cookie dans la mémoire persistante

        this.webViewRenderer.Element.OnNavigated(new Pa_NavigatedEvent { cookies = cookiePair, Url = url });
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