Syncing Azure Database


we have developed xamarin.forms application with azure sync and it's working fine. Once we release the app, it may used by different organizations, so we have to create different databases for each organization at the time of registration. So when an user from a particular organization is logged in, the app has to sync with the respective databases.

How can we achieve this with Azure Offline Sync?
Or, shall we have to follow any other workaround?


  • gireesh_m86gireesh_m86 Member ✭✭

    I have created a Xamarin where I want to query one database on a Azure SQL Server and regarding which result I get back I want to query one of X numbers of certain databases.

    So far I have been able to create two different APIs where the first API gets information from the first database.

    And I have hardcoded (in the TableController) to use one specific database (in the same SQL Server).

    string dbString = "database2";
    myContextClass context = new myContextClass(dbString);
    This works like a charm. However. I would like to be able to pass which database I want to connect to from my app.

    I.e. when calling my mobileservice all I do is this:

    this.client = new MobileServiceClient(
    Is there something I can add to this methodcall that will set the database connectionstring in the controller?

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