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Using SKiaSharp to Sharpen image depending on values.

snarfsnarf PHMember ✭✭

So I'm creating a project that modifies an image selected from gallery. I was able to add edits using matrices for saturation, contrast, exposure and temperature. Now I'm working on a sharpening edit. I noticed that the sharpening approach is different, I know about the sharpening matrix but it is a 3x3 matrix (i'm using 4x5 matrices and combine them). So I gave up using the 3x3 matrix and worked on a different approach which was editing pixel by pixel. Now this is successful, but my problem was it takes too long for the app to do so, especially when sharpening hi res images (Note that I'm using sliders to adjust all the editing features). What approach should I take in doing the sharpening feature? Is there any SkiaSharp way that I can do so? thanks in advance.


  • snarfsnarf PHMember ✭✭
    edited August 2018

    This is the screenshot of my app. the different slider is the sharpening slider. Right now, I am using the skimagefilter's CreateBlur function as replacement for the sharpening feature.

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