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iOS Build Funkiness

I have a project that will build fine for Android but gives a slew of NewtonSoft errors for the NS attributed that decorate my models. On VS Mac, (which my team primarily uses) both projects build fine. These are Shared projects built with the latest versions of VS, using the latest Build Tools and XCode.

Upon further investigation I found that we had a non-specific, duplicate NewtonSoft Reference.

A specifically versioned <HintPath>..\packages\Newtonsoft.Json.8.0.3\lib\portable-net40+sl5+wp80+win8+wpa81\Newtonsoft.Json.dll</HintPath> was up top and a generic <HintPath>bin\iPhoneSimulator\Debug\Newtonsoft.Json.dll</HintPath> was much lower in the iOS.csproj.

How the heck did this happen (A /iPhoneSimulator path?!) & why does XPlat Mac MSBuild not care?

Are there any .csp[roj / .sln linting tools to prevent this in the future?


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