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Application Loader problem

Hello everybody.

I'm trying to upload new build for my existing app (sitting there since 2015) to app store.

Application Loader gives me an error message regarding port 443.

Or not recognising peer.

Or not beeng able to connect to Apple web services

443 is open - I checked. Even reconfigured by pf.conf editing and loading from Terminal.

It goes through all steps and stops at "verifying Metadata". I changed protocols, changed networks, gave permissions to VS Xamarin,

Application Loader in Firewall settings, installed all updates, restarted Mac numerous times, recreated all certificates and prov. profiles,

recompiled with version that I created in iTunesConnect and did everything that I could find on Internet. No luck.

Please advise, for I have limited time frame to submit(till Sept 7).

Update: posted this message(cry for help) to apple forum - more than 900 "looks" and NOT ONE response!
But 900 people got interested, so I'm thinking there IS an issue.

Please feel free to suggest anything - reconfigure the machine, revisit info.plist, ... redo the project in XCode, change the job...

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