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Mapbox Navigation Crashes

JonsbyJonsby USMember

I'm having a lot of issues trying to use MapBox with Xamarin and can't find out why. Generally the app won't even open, it build successfully with no errors but then crashes before theres any application output.

I've managed to get the map to work and able to place an annotation after doing a long press gesture. But when I try to use navigations that's when the app starts to crash. I've managed to narrow down the start of the issue to when I instantiate a MBNavigationRouteOptions variable.

I'm not sure if this means that any usage of MapBox Navigation breaks the app.

Has anyone come across the same issue?
I'm very new to app development so I'm not sure how to debug and resolve this issue, seems like I can't get to that point because the app breaks before I can debug.

I appreciate any help, thanks.

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