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Urhosharp Surface receive TuchInput when not displayed

I have built a App with mor then one Page. Pages are rendert with ,as there is this problems with deactivating swipe gesture when swiping in the Surface itself.
(Wondered why making the swipe gesture not disableable on one point for all platforms)

Now, there is this sweet problem i’m faced with: The Surface receive Input even when not displayed! So I perform Raycasts “through” my other Pages elements... As I’m not a pro in coding, I ask you for a workaround. Tried to set this TouchVisible bool for the containing Page with no effort. Try to set Visibility’s with no effect. Maybe the Input interface for touch fires in the Surface in the App-Layer and not the Pagelayer. Can I unsubscribe the Touch input to the Surface by Code?
Thanks for helping!
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