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Problems building IPA with Distribution Profile

Hi, I'm having some problems trying to generate the .IPA to upload it to AppStore.

My project is made using Visual Studio 2017 v.15.7.4 paired with a Mac to build the app with an Iphone 6.

On my iOS project, I've selected manual provisioning, and while I've added my Apple account into VS2017, I can see both my developer and distribution profiles. All correct from here, I've been able to test and debug my project without any trouble. My problem is that when I try to choose the distribution provisioning profile to build in Ad-Hoc mode the .IPA file, it automatically changes to Developer profile no matter what I do, and when uploading the IPA file with AppLauncher on my Mac it throws me the error that it's been build with an incorrect provisioning profile (as VS automatically uses the Developer profile and not the Distribution one).

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this, or a workaround (building via command line or any other way)?



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