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Scale and Postion svg on a canvas

I have a Skia Canvas where I want to Scale and Postion multiple SVG. now the problem is ,
1. I can either Scale by SKMatrix.MakeScaleand do "canvas.DrawPicture(svg.Picture, ref matrix);"
2. I can Postion using "public void DrawPicture(SKPicture picture, SKPoint p, SKPaint paint = null);"

But I dont have DrawPicture() method allowing me to scale and draw at specific location.

eg. I have horizontal line , and I want to draw two images image1 & image2 on that line.
I want to scale image1 differently and image2 differently on same canvas and also I want to position image1 at the beginning of the line and image2 at the end of the line. Can I? If yes, how?

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