Choose a Backend technology ?

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I need your help to choose which technlogy and hosting to use for my Xamarin's based mobile app.

On the UI side, everything is classic :smile:

  • Authentication
  • Notification
  • etc...

On the server side:

  • I must be able to support "geolocalised" queries, ie. : SELECT * FROM MyTable Where Category = "Fashion" ORDER BY Distance(Item.Position, Me.Position)
  • How the load balancing is supported ? My C# app will not be able to support millions of connections, right ?

But I'm lost, I know I have to write a C# backend that will communicate with my mobile app. But,

  • which hosting (Microsoft / Google / other...)
  • which technology ( Azure / Firebase / ...)
  • which database behind the scene, a SQL one (POSTGRES ...) or a nosql one... which one fit well !

Honestly, I'm lost with all the possibilities... any information is welcome ;-)


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