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How to add Microsoft.NET.CoreRuntime.2.1 for UWP package installer?

I have Xamarin Application. I can build ipa, APK and UWP(.appx) package. ipa and APK is working fine. I am facing issue while installing UWP.

Issue with UWP: It is asking to install Microsoft.NET.CoreRuntime.2.1 as it is one of the dependencies.

Do I need to add Microsoft.NET.CoreRuntime.2.1 in project? If so, where? Can anybody please suggest?

I gave created package with following steps

1: Right click UWP project-> Store-> Select create app packages

2: Now in debug mode we don't need to upload it to the store that's why I

select No

3: Than I give path for output location. Give version and select generate app bundle as never and select x86 and x64 architecture as requirement

4: It generate package

After creating package, user need to install these Microsoft.NET.CoreRuntime.2.1 and Microsoft.VCLibs.x64.14.00 manually which is given in package folder.

Well, I think this is not ideal case where user need to install the dependencies manually. It should be there in project or it should be install automatically with package as per-requisite.

Please guide me.

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