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Need Xamarin help for conferences

Hello guys,

Me and Andrei Dmitriev are thinking about setting up Xamarin Conference in Russia. Andrei already have experience in conferences organisation (, and I looking for speakers for this conference. We have idea to invite Xamarin’s speakers to this conference. This allows us to make great promotion of Xamarin in Russia. Also this will make this conference more official in Russia. Also if you have no time to speak in Russia, we can invite you to speak from your office by video call and our guests will see you on big screen via projector. But first option is much better.

So, could you help us with this?

I think good themes for you will be:

  • Xamarin plans to feature
  • Test cloud
  • Components Store.
  • PCL

Second question to you, guys. In october Microsoft have MS DevCon conference and it have public registration for potential speakers. I have applied my presentation but it not approved yet. As I know, Microsoft and Xamarin are in partnership and at TechDays, London your guys will speak about Xamarin technologies. I ask you to help me to be approved on this conference with, may be, little email/phone call to Microsoft. I have experience in conferences speaking in two big conferences. At first (Apps4All Forum 4) my presentation is most downloadable and at second conference my presentation got 2nd please award by listeners vote. I’ll speak about Xamarin technologies.

Thanks in advance,


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