Properties - Layout changes cause widget to become unselected

Is anyone experiencing the following issue: From Designer I select a widget, then select Properties - Layout, make a simple change to the Margin Left property and the widget becomes deselected. I then must reselect it again before I can change the Margin - Top or any other property. I'm required to go through this multi-step process for each property value I want to change. Basically if I want to change 4 Layout properties, I can't just change 1, hit tab, change the next, hit tab, etc. This seems to work fine on VS for Windows.


  • ZmasterZmaster USMember ✭✭

    Yes, I've seen that happening. Can't remember which VSmac version, I'm jumping between them because each one is broken in some way.

  • digispiritdigispirit Member

    Thanks for responding Zmaster. Actually I got lucky on this. The problem I was experiencing simply went away after I modified my Text Editor - Color Theme settings. I don't know exactly when the problem went away but glad it did because that issue made designing a pain.

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