how can i use monodoc documentation from Windows 10/VS 2017?

I'm interested in the Monkey.Robotics library, but the docs are in monodoc format. I can't find any clear reference on how to get those docs into VS so that I can learn how to use the library. I'm using the latest VS (or will be, once it finishes installing).



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    This is an old article, but I would think it would still work. If you install mono on windows (or even use it on a Mac) there are a couple of tools in the mono installation, mdoc-export-html and mdoc-export-msxdoc described as such:

    Of course, a documentation repository isn't very useful on it's own. We want to view it! mdoc provides three ways to view documentation:

    • mdoc-export-html: This command generates a set of static HTML files for all types and members found within the documentation repository.
    • mdoc-assemble: This command "assembles" the documentation repository into a .zip and .tree file for use with the monodoc Documentation browser and the ASP.NET front-end (which powers
    • mdoc-export-msxdoc: This generates the "traditional" XML file which contains only member documentation. This is for use with IDEs like Visual Studio, so that the IDE can show summary documentation while editing.

    that can convert monodocs to HTML and XML for use in Visual Studio

    You can download a windows version of mono here:

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