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Show local downloaded content with hybridwebview

We have a magazine app which downloads HTML pages and displays it in multiple views. In our current code it's using UIwebviews, because of rendering problems we need to upgrade to the WKwebview. The new updated Hybridwebview code is supporting this.

The problem is that we are having issues to get it working. When requesting an online URL it's ok, local URL's are not working and displaying blank pages. The path is correct, files are there, but the screen is keep staying blank.

We already scrolled through multiple forms but we can't find a straight answer.

Could anyone point us in the right direction. Are there maybe any restrictions we don't know about. Keep in mind we don't bundle the HTML content when creating the App. The HTML content is downloaded by the user.

  • In WKwebview, what is the correct folder to store downloaded content?
  • Do we need to set specific settings to acces local content?
  • What is the correct way to request a local file?

Hope someone can point us out in the right direction.

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