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Xamarin Android Binding Library - does not implement inherited abstract member

F1FreakF1Freak USMember ✭✭
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Hello World,

I am trying Android binding library and I am encountering the below error -

'ReaderCollectionImpl' does not implement inherited abstract member 'AbstractList.Get(int)'

and the below function is generated in my class

public virtual unsafe global::Com.Digitalpersona.Uareu.IReader Get (int n)

When I try to change the keyword from virtual to override

public override unsafe global::Com.Digitalpersona.Uareu.IReader Get (int n)

I get this error - 'ReaderCollectionImpl.Get(int)': return type must be 'Object' to match overridden member 'AbstractList.Get(int)'

I cannot change my return type. I also tried using the new keyword however it didn't help me out.

The class looks like this in Java native code -

public class ReaderCollectionImpl extends AbstractList<Reader> implements ReaderCollection

While converting it in C# it changes to -

public partial class ReaderCollectionImpl : global::Java.Util.AbstractList 

My guess is Java.Util.AbstractList does not have generics that might be the issue here.

Please help.



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