no types were parsed that could be bound when trying to bind Zendesk IOS framework

ramramdramramd Member


I am trying to bind the frameworks ZendeskSDK.framework, ZendeskProviderSDK.framework and ZendeskCoreSDK.framework. The Github link for the frameworks is

When I run bind command using objective sharpie for each of the frameworks above, I always get the message "no types were parsed that could be bound" . All the above frameworks contain some .h files.

I am using the below command to bind being on the parent folder that contains these frameworks.

sharpie bind -framework ZendeskProviderSDK.framework
sharpie bind -framework ZendeskSDK.framework
sharpie bind -framework ZendeskCoreSDK.framework

  1. Could you help me with the above issue.

  2. I am trying to bind each of the above frameworks individually into separateAPIDefinition.cs and StructAndenums.cs file. Can we bind 3 frameworks together into one APIDefinition.cs and StructAndenums.cs file?



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