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Is UWP with UrhoSharp supposed to be used in production?

YeGuYeGu Member

Dear All,

I am working on a Xamarin.Forms project with a interactive 3D part that should run on UWP, Android and iOS. The most obvious and proposed solution for the 3D part seems to be UrhoSharp. However, we have encountered a number of serious issues in UWP that make us wonder whether UrhoSharp is production ready and a reliable solution for the future.

The issues include:

  • AccessViolationException while loading models this part of the code is already invoked from main thread but once every 20 or so starts the error still occurs, can't be caught in our applications code and thus always leads to a crash.
  • Erroneous pointer positions the calculation for the pointer position is wrong and it seems that the size of the window is being used instead of the frame. This error is known and described in issue 310 on github (can't post links yet) since March. We fixed it by calculating the offset but its really a hack instead of a solution.
  • Navigation issues when navigating to the page containing the UrhoSurface using back button or PushAsync there are a bunch of different issues. This includes "application not ready" exceptions (which seems to be a racing conditions since putting in a delay seems to work), black screen when returning to a previous UrhoSurface and residue in memory despite calling all exit, dispose and destroy functions on the objects.
  • No updates, low maintenance the last release is 4 months old and many questions on the forums have an open end.

Since our application is supposed to be used by technicians in a industry environment on a daily basis, these issues are really deal-breakers for UrhoSharp. Therefore my questions. Are we the only ones facing these problems? Is UrhoSharp under active development and if not what 3D Engine are we supposed to use with Xamarin.Forms?

Thanks and Best regards



  • DanielPackardDanielPackard USMember ✭✭

    You're not alone. We have run into similar challenges with Urho + UWP -- getting ready to re-up some old issues on github that are still causing us pain.

  • JThunJThun SEMember ✭✭

    Still seems to be an issue with UrhoSharp + UWP. Any news?

  • utekaiutekai USMember ✭✭✭

    You can check out the activity of the primary developer, and note he's working on other stuff, and has been a long time.

    Also note Microsoft is basically giving up on UWP ... not much activity on that front.

    Windows phone gone. Really only a few places where UWP might actually flourish and make a comeback. Hololens sort of helped it a bit, but UWP is just in the way for what Hololens does.

    UWP is but a heavy weight for Microsoft, which these days is getting deeper into the 'control the populace' camp of subversive and potentially harmful population herding. UWP was good on paper, poor in realization.

    On the other hand, truth is elusive, and wavers over time. So you never now. And, looks like someone has been doing UrhoSharp related development, potentially opening up valuable new front for battling competitors like Unity. See this repo. But this activity is unrelated to UWP for the most part ... so don't hold your breath.

  • utekaiutekai USMember ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019

    Look a bit to the past for UWP developments. where someone writes "This is a massive destruction of confidence in the UWP platform. If Microsoft can't even release their marquee apps on it, why should anyone else feel confident in developing on the platform?"

    Look at Build 2019 to see how very little UWP matters. Hololens is even less viable it would seem at this point.

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