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Welcome to the Presentations forum + Guide to post your Presentation!

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We love community events and presentations. We have created the “Presentations” forum for group leaders, presenters, and Team Xamarin to share and collaborate on their presentations. If you are looking for ideas of topics to present at your next developer group meetup or just looking for some great resources on interesting topics, then you are at the right place.

We encourage all presenters to announce their event in the Events forum to share and promote their event with the community. After your event we would love it if you would share the details of your presentation with the community. Here is a quick “share a presentation” guide below:

Create a new thread in the Presentation forum:

  • Title of Thread: Name of presentation
  • Details to include:
  • Title of presentation
  • Name of event or developer group
  • Link to event page
  • Date presentation took place
  • Detailed description of presentation
  • Slides: is a great option as well as SkyDrive or Google Drive.
  • Source Code: GitHub repo link or other location of source code.
  • Add any other helpful hints for the topic/presentation.
  • If you created an events post on the Events forum, you can go back and add a link

Here is a template that you can copy/paste over and fill in details:

Title: [Title of presentation] at [Name of event]

Date: [Date of event]

Event: [Link to event]

[Description of presentation]

Slides: [Link to Slides]

Source [Link to Code]

[Notes for presentation]

Here is an example of a presentation I gave on Portable Class Libraries.

Thank you, and we can’t wait to see all of the great Xamarin presentations!

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