Best way to include welcome text / license file / localized installer title

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edited July 2018 in Visual Studio

Hi All,

I've recently upgrade a macOS application that I maintain to the Xamarin Unified API and to build via MSBuild and am having a little trouble including localized license files, localized welcome text, and a localized installer title. Previously I used a custom script that would execute pkgbuild and then productbuild to do the final installer package creation. When executing productbuild I would declare a distribution xml file and the directory for my resources (folders all properly named and including strings for title localization, welcome text, and license rtf files). Recently I noticed the nifty "Create Installer Package" feature in Visual Studio for Mac so I've tired switching to this. My problem lies here. Apparently when you use this feature, VS for Mac uses productbuild with a --component parameter which makes it so I can no longer use --distribution to include my installer.xml distribution file. Is there any way around this roadblock in VS for Mac or do I need to switch back to doing my packaging with a custom script?


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