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Yet another weirdness in the VS 2017 for Windows Xamarin UI...

I'm creating a Launch storyboard to display an image and the name of the app. I am having enormous difficulty getting the picture to scale properly -- I just want it to fit the boundaries of the screen -- but I suspect >>that<< problem is due to me coming down the learning curve regarding constraints. At least, I hope that's the problem.

But I don't understand the following behavior which I observed while playing around with the launch storyboard. I add an Image View to it, and it initially shows up as a small rectangle within the storyboard (i.e., it doesn't fill the storyboard). I play around with the View/Content Mode settings, causing the image to balloon. Fair enough.

But there doesn't seem to be any way to say "stop scaling, and go back to where you were at the start".

And, weirder yet, when I tried deleting the Image View and adding a "new" one to the instantly ballooned up to fill the storyboard. A completely different behavior from the first time I added an Image View. How is that possible?

To reset things, I finally had to delete the storyboard itself and create a new one. Which seems like a huge waste of time.

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    Thanx, @JGoldberger; I appreciate you taking the time to provide such a thorough explanation.

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    No Problem, @ChairmanMAO

    I just realized I left out one small detail... to see the preview properly on the Designer canvas, after step 5 you need to do the following:

    5a. Select the image and select the "Frame Editing Mode"
    5b. Click the "Update Frames from Constraints" button

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