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Im brand new to android development, so please bear with me.
After a quick search i did not find a thread so im going to ask a question that i would have imaged has come up before.

I have begun developing an an "Android Wear App" via Xamarin/VS2017, it is at the point where it is fairly functional within the emulator but id now like to begin testing on an actual device.... but i don't have one and do not know much about them...

I would like to get what would be the latest and greatest , and would like to know what others might have found to be a good device for testing.

Some key desires:

  • Fully support stand alone application without required paired phone device
  • Support of the latest platforms within reason.

Some confusions I have:

  • Ive been told that not all android watches will allow the installation of an app i develop as if they are locked down, is this true?
  • Ive read that not all devices will run in stand alone, but I thought that was dependent on the version, not the device?
  • Ive been told that because Xamarin is a framework on top of the native android development there may be some devices that might not work with apps developed as described above?

Basically I would like to learn how to read up on devices and what to look for to guarantee compatibility as desired
Sorry if these sound like trivial questions but after lurking a while, Id like to hear from the pros and get invoked in the community.


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    Thank you for answering all of my questions.

    The one point i need clarification is on when you state that devices with "original Wear OS by google" how to be sure a manufacture does not have a modified OS?

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