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Error when run app in release in UWP

omarantonio16omarantonio16 Member ✭✭

Hello, im having this error when try to run the app in UWP:

Error: NUTC1056:Error interno del compilador: 0x8000ffff; se encontró un error al compilar el método 'instance System.Void..................................

And this other error:

ILT0005: 'C:\Users\MyName.nuget\packages\\2.0.3\tools\x86\ilc\Tools\nutc_driver.exe @C:\projects\MyApp\MyApp.UWP\obj\x86\Release\ilc\intermediate\MDIL\MyApp.UWP.rsp' devolvió el código de salida 1 MyApp.UWP

Attached capture of my settings.

I have already looked for the error and tried to implement solutions, but I have not managed to solve it. If someone has fixed this problem, I would greatly appreciate your support. I need to be able to run the project in UWP to upload the application to the store.

PD: when I deselect the .NET Native option if it lets me compile, but it does not pass the validation to upload it to the app; When I select that option, it is when I mark the error that I mention.

Thanks in advance.



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