Feb. 19 - Southfield, MI - Four Platforms. One Codebase - Rob Gibbens

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On Feb 19, I'll be giving my "Four Platforms. One Codebase" (Xamarin + MvvmCross) presentation to the Great Lakes Area .Net User Group in Southfield, MI (@gangannounce). The meeting starts at 6:00pm.

Abstract : "You want to write mobile apps, but you don’t want to write the same code four times over. You want cross-platform apps, but you don’t want to sacrifice the native speed and power. You want to create native iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 apps, and you want it all while maximizing code reuse and harnessing the power and simplicity of C#. You want four native platforms, but you want one codebase.
Of course you do. You want Xamarin."

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