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Apple Watches and Local Notifications using UNNotificationRequest

I am having a hard time finding thorough documentation on UNNotificationRequest's on the Apple Watch

1 - What is the total limit of UNNotificationRequest's you can queue on the Apple Watch (it is documented to be 64 on the iPhone)

I have experienced that the launching of UNNotificationRequest's seems to be more unreliable, when multiple notifications are scheduled close to each other. For instance, when two UNNotificationRequest's are scheduled with 5 seconds interval the first one will always show, but the second one will be shown sometimes, but not always

2 - Is there a 'cooldown' on firing the UNNotificationRequest's on the Apple Watch? and if so what is the cooldown?

Any pointers are appreciated - cheers!


  • ElvisXiaElvisXia Member, Forum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai


    Thanks for raising this question. I've googled a lot but also didn't found any documentation talking about this.

    Since it is an apple device and apple API related and also not well documented issue. Apple Developer Forum would be a perfect place for raising such question. You can raise a question there and post a link here in case anyone else is curious about this issue.

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