Xamarin University Monthly Update - July 2018

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Welcome to another month of updates from Xamarin University. We've added a new course, upcoming Guest Lectures, and another free Lightning Lecture for your learning needs.

New Course

image Recently, we released Binding an Objective-C Bindings Library [IOS450], teaching the basics of creating bindings to  libraries written in Objective-C and how to use them in your Xamarin.iOS apps.

In our new course, Build an Objective-C Bindings Library with Objective Sharpie [IOS451], you'll learn how to generate binding definition files using Objective Sharpie, consume the API definition files to create your bindings, and fine-tune the bindings to use them in your Xamarin.iOS project. Building an Objective-C Bindings Library [IOS450] is a prerequisite and is recommended before starting the IOS451 course. We'll be continuing this series, so watch out for more courses on this topic soon!

Upcoming Guest Lectures

Building Serverless APIs with Azure Functions and Xamarin

imageA powerful feature of Microsoft Azure: Functions (also nicknamed "serverless computing"), allows developers to quickly build and deploy code to the cloud without complicated setup. Azure Functions can be triggered by timers, HTTP calls or database operations, and can communicate with other Azure services or mobile and desktop apps. Join Laurent Bunion, Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, on July 9 as he introduces Azure Functions and how it can be used to create client-server apps with Xamarin. Register today.

Building Mobile Apps with F# Using Xamarin

imageThen join Jim Bennett, Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, on July 11 to learn how to build mobile apps using Xamarin.Forms with F#. Elm, a new language and architecture, recently appeared in the JavaScript community with a structure based on immutable models and functions to create and update the UI. In this guest lecture, you’ll learn how Elm maps well to functional languages and similar architectures, which are popping up in the F# community under the banner of ‘Elmish’ - first for web apps using Fable and more recently, for Xamarin.Forms apps using Elmish.XamarinForms. Register today.

ReactiveUI - A New Way of Thinking

image"And on July 19, join Kent Boogaart, author of You, I, and ReactiveUI, to discover what Reactive UI is and why you should use it to implement user interfaces in .NET. Without state, applications are useless. However, state management is notoriously difficult to get right and can lead to the most insidious of bugs. In this guest lecture, you’ll learn how ReactiveUI and Rx can help you tame your application state, allowing you to craft reliable and testable user interfaces. Register today.

New Lightning Lecture

image Xamarin University instructor, René Ruppert, shows how you can integrate a powerful ORM (object relational mapper)  into your Xamarin apps with ease. This lecture explains how to add EF to a project, how to implement CRUD methods,  how to seed data many other exciting features of Entity Framework Core. Watch now.

Until next month,
Karina & Xamarin University Team


  • valdeterovaldetero USInsider, University ✭✭

    Where is iOS 452? It is referenced in 451.

  • ocortes_kdocortes_kd Member ✭✭
    • 1 on getting iOS 452 released! Showing advance integration between a native iOS library and Xamarin would be great!
  • ChrisvanwykChrisvanwyk USXamarin Team, University, XamUProfessors, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    Hi @ocortes_kd and @valdetero

    IOS452 is defined to cover the following topics:

    • Protocols and Delegates - Covers the usage of the [Protocol] and [Model] attributes.
    • Event Handlers - Implementing C# Event Handlers, i.e. standard .NET event pattern covering the [EventName] and [EventArgs] attributes
    • Objective-C blocks - C# anonymous menthods
    • Async & Await - Covers the usage of the [Async] attribute
    • Categories - Covers the correct implementation in C#

    These are all topics picked from the Binding types reference guide - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/xamarin/cross-platform/macios/binding/binding-types-reference?context=xamarin/ios

    No release date has been set for this course, though.

  • ocortes_kdocortes_kd Member ✭✭

    Thanks @Chrisvanwyk! This is really helpful. Piggybacking on this, Will be some training on how to implement Swift bindings? The only reference that I've found so far is this post which is not official documentation. https://medium.com/@Flash3001/binding-swift-libraries-xamarin-ios-ff32adbc7c76 Is there any documentation about creating bindings with Swift?

  • ChrisvanwykChrisvanwyk USXamarin Team, University, XamUProfessors, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    @ocortes_kd - unfortunately I do not have any additional information on the swift binding work the team is doing, apart from that they are still working on "swift-o-matic".

    In terms of a current goto solution, the post you referenced on medium is still a good and valid way of implementing swift => obj-c bridge bindings. Just watch out for behaviour changes between swift 3 and 4.

  • valdeterovaldetero USInsider, University ✭✭

    @Chrisvanwyk I guess that course will never be done now that XAMU is shutting down?

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