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Supported Architectures - Include both armeabi and armeabi-v7a?

MarkRileyMarkRiley GBMember ✭✭
edited January 2014 in Xamarin.Android

I am about to release my app and I am considering which architectures I should support. I have a min target of API 10 and a main target of API 18.

Now I have read this article:

which implies that it is recommended to only include armeabi-v7a

"Note: It is recommended, if the app will run on Android prior to 4.0.4, that the app contain only armeabi-v7a, not armeabi. Including x86 or any other ABI won’t cause problems; it’s only the inclusion of both armeabi and armeabi-v7a is an issue."

However, this bug and associated comment

suggests that the APK packaging has now been fixed so that the correct libraries are picked up.

So I am a little confused. For someone who is targeting versions including 4.0.1 - 4.0.3, which strategy is recommended. And if we only include armeabi-v7a, will that cause an issue on devices which do not support it, or will they just not be able to download it from the store in the first place?

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