A beginner's question, which development way should I use for my application?


I am a newbie to Xamarin but I have some experience of Java(eclipse) for Android apps development. Now I would like to rewrite my project to Xamarin for more portable. But after some searching, I am confused about lots of information. So I list my requirement and see if someone could give me any suggestion.

  1. I would like to make my application run on both Android and iOS mobile devices. I know that Xamarin has two major developing method, Xamarin.Forms and Xamarin.Android/iOS. As my understanding, Xamarin.Forms apps have almost identity UI on different platforms, and Xamarin.Android/iOS could make apps more platform specific. My apps just need some simple user interface controls, such like Label, Button, TextEdit, and so on. If I don't use any platform-specific component, should I just choose Xamarin.Forms?

  2. I use some 3rd-party external libraries, which are in shared library(*.so, *.dylib) form. But my search results about dynamic load library are all under Xamarin.Android/iOS, not Xamarin.Forms. Does it mean that Xamarin.Forms could not support the dynamic libraries, or the relative functions(dlopen/dlsym, LoadLibrary) are platform-specific? If yes, I cannot just use Xamarin.Forms finishing my project and have to go back to Xamarin.Android/iOS, right?

My questions and requirement may be very simple and basic, but it's really important for me. Please give me some advice, any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you!

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  • chenyuchihchenyuchih Member

    Thanks for your kindly reply, JGoldberger. Your answer helps me a lot!!

    It seems that I misunderstood the Xamarin before. The shared libraries I use is just a plain libraries about some engineering calculation, not UI relative at all. So now I can happily start using Xamarin.Forms to develop my apps. Your recommendation about Xamarin University lessons is also very useful for me. Thank you again for your suggestion and answer.


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