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Status Bar in ios (I cant change it from white)

Hi all, I am new to Cross Platform mobile development and Xamarin, I previously did a lot of Android Studio.

I have an extremely simple app with one MainPage with a button directing the user to a website via a webview. However, when I play this out on my iPhone, I cannot seem to change the status bar color from white. The information in the status bar is also white so it looks as if there is just a plain white strip, however when you scroll you can see that the battery, time and mobile carrier information is still there.

I placed this code in my AppDelegate before LoadApplication after seeing it online, however it still does not work;

if (statusBar.RespondsToSelector(new ObjCRuntime.Selector("setBackgroundColor:")))
statusBar.BackgroundColor = UIColor.FromRGB(112, 78, 38);
statusBar.TintColor = UIColor.Red;

Any ideas on how to fix this? As stated I literally have one MainPage.xaml and App.xaml and their corresponding CS files, and thats it!


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